"Nutcase collector" focuses on inkwells

Author: Richard Brewster | Posted: 17th April, 2014

Paul Buckley describes himself as a “nutcase collector” – and for about 50 years has indulged an unusual obsession of collecting inkwells and fountain pens in all shapes and sizes.

Now in their early 70s, he and his wife Eileen have moved into smaller premises and there is no room left for his collection.

“I think Eileen is tired of dusting all the different items,” Paul said – not surprising given there are some 200 inkwells, a similar number of fountain pens and about 5000 gold plated nibs.

So now Paul, a former Toyota dealer, has tasked Amanda Addams Auctions with the job of disposing of the collection – from 6.30pm Monday May 5 at 344 High Street, Kew.

Building a collection as large as this takes time, patience and never-ending enthusiasm.

Accordingly, for 40 years Paul used to spend every Sunday at the Camberwell market on the lookout for a favoured item.

“I also spent a lot of time during trips to Europe scouring antique shops,” he said.

Of course, he has his favourites – like the three-piece walnut and brass set that includes a writing slope, stationery box and folder.

“I saw a similar one in a London antique shop that only had two of the pieces and they wanted £2000,” Paul said. “Another is a fountain pen in the shape of an umbrella – with a top hat which is the accompanying inkwell.”

The auction contains artworks from various Australian, American and European artists and a variety of ceramics and pottery from Satsuma, Crown Derby, Royal Doulton, Royal Worcester, and Moorcroft.

There also is glass and crystal, silver, decorative wares and a range of antique and retro furniture.



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